Wake Up on Table Mountain

Overnighting in the Table Mountain National Parks Overseers Cottage

Sometimes it’s hard to believe as city dwellers that we have a gorgeous mountain in our back yard…!  Besides the unique and fascinating beauty that is enjoyed by so many in the city in the form of day walks, many people would be surprised to find they could spend the night on top of the mountain and feel as though they were a million miles from suburbia.

On top of the mountain – Overseers Cottage

And I’m not talking about roughing it in a draughty old shack where families of mice carry away your dehydrated mash whilst you sleep, leaving you nothing for lunch the next day. I’m talking about sleeping under crisp white down duvets, I’m talking about fillet steak on the braai with a glass of chilled white wine watching the sun set over False Bay, I’m talking hot showers and flushing toilets!

What… a luxury mountain cottage in our backyard!

Lounge area

So here’s how it works – whilst you take a leisurely stroll up Constantia Neck carrying just your water and snacks, the wonderful Table Mountain National Parks (TMNP) team transfers all your belongings up there, hence the bottle of wine and fillet steak.  It would have been two-minute noodles and mountain water if we’d had to carry it up, but if diesel’s doing the dirty work, well why not, you can even pack the crystal if you so wish!

Two large fridges in the kitchen means your wine will be superbly chilled when it comes time to put your feet up.

For a family outing, this is a fabulous idea.  The hardest part was coaxing the kids along the approximately two-hour walk up Constantia Neck (nothing a few treats didn’t sort out). 

“Almost there lads” – heading up Constantia Neck

But once on top, the adventure began and the kids loved every moment of exploring their new-found lofty world.

The perfect place to be a boy, skimming stones on the Woodhead Dam

Hold on tight! Scaling the dam wall, only for the strong and fearless

“Oi, out my way matey or you’ll have me to deal with!” Georgina ‘taking command’ of the sluice gates

At about 5pm an eerie mist descended over the mountain, blocking out any trace of the city and transporting us to…. well it felt like we should be on the Yorkshire Moors not in Africa.  All we could do was put up our feet whilst the kids entertained us with a hilarious game of charades, using the mist as a dramatic backdrop.

Where are we…. the Yorkshire Moors!

The next day the mist lifted, the sun was shining and it was an exquisite day.  We packed our day packs and set off to explore the mountain


Heading off through the fynbos

What a view from up here, but please don’t try this unless you are over 18, sure-footed and have nerves of steel!

Kasteelpoort overlooking Camps Bay

Did you know that up until 1929 most of Cape Town’s water came from the five reservoirs on top of Table Mountain.

Natural infinity pool atop Table Mountain

“Think we could do this for a living, Mum” Girls getting a bit of R&R

Walking in January as we did, the mountain is resplendent with colour as so much of the fynbos is in flower.

Fields of flowers

The Overseers cottage is a fantastic idea for a special birthday celebration, an end-of-the-year function, or as we intended it – an opportunity to connect with family and friends without having to leave Cape Town.

The cottage is self-catering but a catered option can be arranged (see http://footstepstofreedom.co.za/tours-rates/active/overnight-on-table-mountain/)   It sleeps up to 16 people, linen and towels are provided

Afternoon tea on the verandah


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  1. I have booked the overseers cottage for 2 nights in early December, but can find no map / directions of how to actually get there.
    Can you help?

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