Since 2002 we have facilitated the Footsteps to Freedom Winter Lecture Series. The aim of this series of lectures is to provide tourist guides with ongoing education on a variety of interesting and relevant topics

27 May 2015 Catherine Conradie Cape Mountain Leopard – The Western Cape’s apex predator
24 June 2015 Prof Andy Smith Khoi & San: unravelling the history of SA’s first people
29 July 2015 Dalton Gibbs Birds of Western Cape
26 Aug 2015 Prof Ruth Hall Land Reform
30 Sept 2015 Christo Brand (TBC) Mandela’s warder


30 May 2012  Adv Paul Hoffman Going to the dogs or coming back from the dogs: Anti-corruption strategies for South Africa 2012 and beyond
 27 June 2012 Cameron Dugmore Vision for 2030: The National Development Plan
25 July 2012 to be confirmed Fracking the Karoo
29 Aug 2012 Marilyn Martin South African contemporary artists
26 Sept 2012 Galeo Saintz The Fight to save the Rhino
25 May 2011 Prof George Branch Two Oceans: Passion of a Marine Biologist and Photographer
29 June 2011 Justice Albie Sachs The country we fought for
27 July 2011 Dr John Rogers Fairest Cape: Unlocking the Geological secrets of its Scenery
31 Aug 2011 Carlene van der Westhuizen Poverty and Inequality in post-apartheid South Africa: Challenges and success stories
28 Sept 2011 Edward Foster South African Astronomy: From Myths and Superstitions to cutting edge Science
26 May 2010 Elmari Swart Terroir Wine: Selecting appropriate wine varietals …. And what makes the same grape varietal taste different
30 June 2010 Dr Hans Fransen The Beauty of the Simple: the historical townscape of Cape villages
28 July 2010 Dr Peter Johnston Whither Cape Town’s weather? A look at the unique conditions in the Mother City.
25 Aug 2010 Andre vom Hagen The forgotten Batteries that defended Table Bay and Cape Town from early Cape Dutch to WW2
29 Sept 2010 Prof Pippa Skotnes Representing the World: the San and the Land
27 May 2009 Hymli Krige KWV: From Custodian to Competitor
24 June 2009 George Kleyn Hidden Cape Town: The Geology of the Peninsula
29 July 2009 Dr Desmond Martin Walking Long Street – Its History and Architecture
26 Aug 2009 Marc Maingard Scarborough Fair – the story of one of the world’s best know Luthiers
30 Sept 2009 Caron von Zeil Reclaiming Camissa: the Story of how Van Riebeeck’s fountains will be incorporated into the city and Green Point 2010 precinct.
25 June 2008 Jim Hallinan
(City of Cape Town)
The History of Water Sources and Courses in the Table Valley
23 Jul 2008 Willem Steenkamp Beware the Khoisan Fish people – or, The Man Who Rang the Bell at the Castle
27 Aug 2008 Prof John Parkington Archaeology of the Cape – a Million years of human settlement
6 Jun 2007 Ashley Lillie Architects for Buildings and Buildings for Architects – some thoughts on the changing face of Cape Architecture.
25 Jul 2007 Brett Myrdall Table Mountain and the Park
22 Aug 2007 Johan Louw Blood Diamonds – What’s the Story?
26 Sep 2007 Dr Dan Sleigh Buitenposte of the VOC
21 Jun 2006 Dr Dan Sleigh Supplying the Castle: Outposts of the VOC
26 Jul 2006 Nicky Sassen
(City of Cape Town)
The Redevelopment of District Six: Open Heart Surgery in the inner city
30 Aug 2006 George Hofmeyr Xhosa Nostra? The Xhosa Factor – from politics to tourism
25 May 2005 Roger Webster Fireside Chats and the art of storytelling
22 June 2005 Dr. Elizabeth van Heyningen Concentration camps and the Anglo Boer War
27 July 2005 Dr Dan Sleigh VOC in Cape Town
27 Oct 2004 Zackie Achmat AIDS, Politics and the Gay Community
28 July 2004 Andrew Boraine Changing the view of the City
21 June 2004 Prof Vivian Bickford-Smith Points of view … talking about the past. Tips and techniques.
25 Aug 2004 Prof Nigel Worden The Forgotten People: Cape Slavery and the Indian Ocean world
15 Sep 2004 Dr Dan Sleigh The Colourful World of the VOC
21 May 2003 Dr. Elizabeth van Heyningen 350 years of religion and politics in the Cape.
2 July 2003 Phillida Brooke Simons Gables, ghosts and gossip: anecdotes and architecture of old Cape buildings.
20 Aug 2003 Dr Gabeba Abrahams-Willis Resounding echoes from the Slave Lodge
30 Sept 2003 David Hughes The modern History of Cape Wine” – What has changed from the end of WW II until today

The jewellery manufacturer Uwe Koetter ( has been an integral part of Footsteps to Freedom winter Lecture Series by providing a venue and refreshments for our lecturers. On behalf of Cape Town’s tourist guide community, I would like to thank the Uwe Koetter team for their tremendous support.

Keep an eye on this page for upcoming lectures.