In 2002 the Footsteps to Freedom city walking tour of Cape Town was developed and launched. by Garth Angus. It was then that he met tourist guide and ex-teacher (History and English) Mary-Ann Wenham, who instilled in him a love of history, our city, its stories, and its people.

Since then Garth has met many other talented tourist guides, some of whom today form the core of Footsteps to Freedom.  We share a love of our city and its people, our country and importantly, a love of learning new things.

Our touring philosophy is simple, and it revolves around people:

  • We attempt to match the unique interests of curious travellers, with those of passionate, enquiring tourist guides.
  • Straitjacket tours are for mass market tour operators. Our tours are flexible.
  • We ask you the traveller to tell us as much as possible about yourself; your work and leisure interests, age bracket, nationality, religious interest (if any) etc. This will help us to connect you with a suitable Footsteps Guide and create a fabulous touring experience.